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John Hodnefield visiting Norway in 2018

John Hodnefield visiting Norway in 2018


John Hodnefield

John Hodnefield was born and raised in the Midwest.  North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are his playground – with trips to State and County parks as well as a need to see all of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.  John’s introduction to building started when he was 7 – helping clean worksites of debris while his father and grandfather built homes and garages.  He has been a Crew Lead for Habitat for Humanity (MN and SC) as well as a teacher/mentor with youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4H for almost 15 years.

John’s introduction to Chesapeak Light Craft was in 2017 when he joined the participants to build “Teardrop #1” from the first teardrop build class in Annapolis.  Since then, he has found a new passion to share skills in woodworking and composite materials – by helping youth and adults to build CLC boats through classes and introductory workshops. 

John teaches skills through experiential learning.  This “learn-by-doing” approach allows participants to experience something with guidance from a patient mentor/instructor. Instead of being told “the answers,” they are presented with a question, problem, situation, or activity which they must make sense of for themselves.

John is the owner of Boardwalk DIY Studio and Drift North Paddle Co. in Andover, MN.  He is joined by his family Sheri, Brennen and Ashlynne to round out the classes and give ample 1x1 time as needed.